“I regularly have acupuncture with James and can't recommend him highly enough. He treats with compassion and kindness and is a very skilled practitioner. I always leave James feeling better in every way” - Sally Connelly, Cheltenham

“James has an incredible ability to listen both to what is being said and what the body is conveying, his manner is full of kindness and I have found that his treatments and advice have really helped, particularly with conditions to do with blood flow and menstruation” - Sophia Hill, Gloucestershire

“I had not had an acupuncture treatment before but James soon made me feel at ease with his professional and calm approach. He took a thorough history before treatment and I left feeling more energised and hopeful. I'll definitely be back and would recommend James to anyone” - Andy Pollexfen, East Sussex

“I was sceptical about the effectiveness of acupuncture but James was great at explaining the history behind it and made me feel relaxed and at ease. I found the treatments particularly helpful with stress and helping to alleviate lactic acid/stiffness in muscles after training. I definitely recommend going to James for treatment!” - Georgia Cass, Cheltenham

“I had my first acupuncture experience with James and I found it incredibly thorough and rewarding. He took the time to understand me and my body and made me feel very comfortable and energised afterwards” - Siobhan Meaney, Bristol